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Real-world tales of joy, sorrow, and events that make you wonder, “what the hell?” Well, okay… I do take real-life stories and sometimes tweak them just a touch to give them a life of their own in new and exciting ways.

The “event” is the topic, but the “STORY” is what brings that event to life.

How could simple decisions result in such catastrophes? If you had turned left instead of right on that fateful day, how different would your life be today?

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I would love to hear YOUR stories of unintended consequences. Did you accomplish a good deed, only to have it result in disastrous consequences? Maybe something terrible happened to you, leading to a series of events that changed your life in incredible ways? Have you heard amazing tales of unintended consequences?

I would love to hear them and develop a tale for this Substack. You can remain anonymous if you like. Send your story to DavidNemzoff@substack.com

May your every Unintended Consequence be a great and wonderous one!

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David Nemzoff
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